Sizing Chart

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Performance Charts

Click a UMAC EFV Series from the menu below for pressure, flow, trip and reset characteristics of that series:

SERIES 300 view download
SERIES 350 view download
SERIES 400 view download
SERIES 550 view download
SERIES 700 view download
SERIES 800 view download
SERIES 1100 view download
SERIES 1800 view download
SERIES 2600 view download
SERIES 5500 view download
SERIES 10000 view download
Propane (LPG) view download

Product Guides

Assembly Guide download
EFV Assembly Chart download
Models Guide download
No-Hole EFVs download
No-Hole EFVs (en español) download
AutoCock EFVs download
EFV Technical Tables download
Full EFV Brochure download

Installation Instructions

EFV Installation download
EFV Installation (en español) download

Please Note:
The technical data contained on above linked pages are guides to the use of UMAC Valves. The advice contained therein is based upon tests and information believed to be reliable, but users should not rely upon it absolutely for specific applications. It is given and accepted at user's risk and confirmation of its validity and suitability in particular cases should be obtained independently. GasBreakerorporated makes no guarantee of results and assumes no obligation or liability in connection with its advice. This publication is not to be taken as a license to operate under or infringe any patents.

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